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Why Brian?

Brian Hales
Brian Hales

Brian holds the record for publishing the most words on Mormon polygamy. He began researching Mormon Fundamentalist polygamy in 1992, but that segued into a specific focus on Joseph Smith's personal practice of polygamy in 2006.

Once referred to by a reviewer as a "fact checker," he is committed to making sure the historical record is represented fairly. He eschews speculation based on twenty-first century perceptions. 

He is a brave man to delve into an unpopular and difficult-to-contextualize topic, treading where few choose to go.

His research on the practice of polygamy is free to the public and has been accessed by thousands at MormonPolygamyDocuments.org. His essay series covering the early Mormon practice of polygamy is available in audio and text format at JosephSmithsPolygamy.org.