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Why Steve?

Steven C. Harper
Steven C. Harper

It was after listening to an interview Russell Stevenson (aka The Mormon History Guy) conducted with Steve that I realize how important it was that we inoculate our youth by presenting Church history in context along with our testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

He was the first scholar on my list, and the first one to agree to the project. Even after writing several books on the First Vision, he continues to examine the various accounts and determine the insights that each account gives us into what Joseph was trying to convey. 

When we needed someone to study the connection between Freemasonry and the LDS temple ceremony, our general editor mentioned a paper that Steve delivered at a BYU symposium as one of the most balanced on the topic. 

These diverse chapters show Dr. Harper's skills as a consummate historian, applying critical skills to analysis and interpretation. 

They also show his embrace of the continual seeking of light and knowledge.