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Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

Author: Kent P. Jackson

Anyone familiar with the Book of Mormon is familiar with Nephi's love for the words of Isaiah. According to Nephi, the Brass Plates contained a copy of many of the books found in the first half of the Old Testament, along with writings of prophets that are absent from our current Bible.

Fewer people are aware that some contemporary Old Testament scholars are unsure of the authorship of the book of Isaiah. They propose that it was written by collective authors during three time periods and assembled later into one book. Other scholars hold to the traditional view that the book was written solely by Isaiah, the son of Amoz.

This issue only becomes relevant to the study of the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi, where Deutero-Isaiah, the section potentially written after Lehi left Jerusalem, is quoted.

Looking closely at the process by which 2 Nephi was translated can lead to sound arguments for the legitimate inclusion of this material in the Book of Mormon.  


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